Rescue 01/30/2018

Rescue; 9:07AM; 1605 N EASTLAKE AV;; Lincoln Heights; One juvenile patient on the roof of a one-story Central Juvenile Hall building threatening to escape; LAFD assisting law enforcement; Patient safely detained; For further information contact law enforcement; LAPD Inc #1468; LAFD Inc #386; FS 1; Batt 2; Central Bureau; Council District 1; E201 T1 T2 E2 E202 E16 E47 RA25 EM1 BC2 ; CH: 7; 13; Amy Bastman
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KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 01/29/2018

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 12:06PM; 9677 Amboy Av; 29 Firefighters took 22 minutes, confining flames to the attic of an 1,115 square-foot one story home (built 1950); No injury; Though some maintenance/repair work that utilized a torch may have been taking place, the specific cause of the fire remains under investigation; Dispatched Units: T98 E298 E7 E77 E275 T75 BC12 E98 RA98; - Brian Humphrey
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Structure Fire 01/29/2018

Structure Fire; 11:44AM; 9677 Amboy Av;; Pacoima; PRELIM: One story home with attic fire; FS 98; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; CH: 9; 17; - Brian Humphrey
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Train Incident 01/28/2018

Train Incident; 10:55AM; 9300 N MASON AV;; Northridge; Pedestrian vs Train located between Mason Ave and DeSoto Ave with one person determined dead; Unknown patient age/ gender/ circumstance; No further information; LAFD Inc #612; LAPD Inc #1936; FS 107; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; E107 E296 T96 RA96 E104 RA104 E70 HR3 EM15 BC15 UR88 RA107 ; CH: 8; 17; Amy Bastman
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Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 01/28/2018

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 10:33AM; 15176 W RAYMER ST; Van Nuys; 40 Firefighters extinguished a surface roof fire on top of a one-story commercial building in just 17 minutes; No reported injuries; Cause is suspected to be electrical but is still under active investigation; Loss TBD; LAFD Inc #557; FS 90; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; BC10 BC14 BC710 E239 E290 E39 E7 E81 E90 RA39 RA81 T39 T90 ; Amy Bastman
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Structure Fire 01/28/2018

Structure Fire; 10:16AM; 15176 W RAYMER ST;; Van Nuys; Prelim: Smoke showing from a one-story row of commercial buildings with fire in 1 unit; LAFD Inc #557; FS 90; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; CH: 9; 18; Amy Bastman
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Hiker in Distress 01/28/2018

Hiker in Distress; 9:25AM; 1700 N WILL ROGERS STATE PARK RD;; Riviera; LAFD air and ground resources responded to a hiker in distress on the narrow Backbone Trail; LAFD helicopter quickly located the 55 y/o female patient found in cardiac arrest with bystanders performing CPR; Paramedics rapidly took over CPR while providing advanced medical care; The patient was transported to a local hospital in grave condition via LAFD helicopter; No further details; City Park Rangers assisted; LAFD Inc #512; FS 69; Batt 9; West Bureau; Council District 11; E69 T69 E269 RA69 H0C RH214 BC9 E19 H2 H3 RA90 AO2 BP23 ; CH: 7; 17; Amy Bastman
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Update Traffic Collision 01/27/2018

Update Traffic Collision; 8:45PM; 7122 S Main St ; South Los Angeles; One LAFD (Battalion Chief) Command Vehicle with lights and siren activated, was responding to a nearby multi-patient shooting, when it collided with a civilian vehicle at the intersection of Main St/Florence Av; There were three civilian (unk age) patients, all with non-life threatening injuries; They include the male driver of the other car, and two female pedestrians; Though their injuries were described as minor, their medical conditions were not specified; The two male fire department members in the LAFD vehicle were uninjured, a status other responders attributed to their proper use of safety belts; An investigation into the collision is being handled by LAPD (Incident #4282) South Traffic; - Brian Humphrey
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Traffic Collision 01/27/2018

Traffic Collision; 6:08PM; 7122 S Main St;; South Los Angeles; PRELIM: LAFD Command Vehicle involved during emergency response; No patient information currently available; LAPD (Incident #4282) South Traffic investigating; FS 33; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; Dispatched LAFD Units: RA2 RA26 RA11 RA25 EM17 EM15 BC11 E221 T21 E46 E33 RA833; CH: 4; 10; - Brian Humphrey
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Multi Patient Incident 01/27/2018

Multi Patient Incident; 5:52PM; 200 block E 119th St;; South Los Angeles; PRELIM: As many as 5 critically ill or injured patients at the scene of a reported shooting; Avoid the area while LAPD completes emergency operations; Media: Contact LAPD (Incident #4173) for all additional information; Public: Follow @LAPDHQ on Twitter for official details; FS 64; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 8; Dispatched LAFD Units: RA264 E65 RA65 E264 T64 RA865 E33 E21 RA66 RA13 RA17 EM13 EM11 EM14 BC13 RA246 BC4 E46 EM9 RA821 RA864; CH: 4; 12; - Brian Humphrey
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