Structure Fire 03/01/2018

Structure Fire; 4:07PM; 11247 W DONA ISABEL DR;; Laurel Canyon / Mulholland; Two-story home with moderate smoke showing; LAFD Inc #1042; FS 97; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 2; CH: 9; 18; Amy Bastman
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Update Structure Fire 02/28/2018

Update Structure Fire; 10:30AM; 1645 N Alexandria Av; #EastHollywood; Injured = 1 adult M resident and sole occupant of the involved apartment at the time of the fire, is now at an area hospital in fair condition being treated for smoke inhalation; The fire, confined to the apartment's living room area, was caused by the careless discarding of smoking materials; Monetary damage from the fire is still being tabulated; - Brian Humphrey
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KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 02/28/2018

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 10:03AM; 1645 N Alexandria Av; #EastHollywood; Thanks to residential fire sprinklers in this 35,172 square-foot, 69 unit, 3 story center hallway building known as "The Alex" apartments, the first arriving 20 LAFD firefighters were able to fully extinguish the flames in just 12 minutes, limiting fire damage to one (unspecified type) room; One civilian (age/gender/condition/affiliation/circumstances pending) is expected to be transported to an area hospital; No other injury or damage reported; Fire cause and loss to be determined; Dispatched Units: E35 T35 E235 RA835 RA35 E52 E56 E220 T20 BC11 BC2; - Brian Humphrey
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Structure Fire 02/28/2018

Structure Fire; 9:51AM; 1645 N Alexandria Av;; #EastHollywood; 3 story apartment with fire in one 1st floor unit being held in check by fire sprinklers; One civilian being medically evaluated for unspecified injury; FS 35; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 4; CH: 9; 18; - Brian Humphrey
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Now Out - Structure Fire 02/28/2018

Now Out - Structure Fire; 6:04AM; 10530 Northridge Hill Dr;; Chatsworth; 29 FF's took 22 min to confine fire to garage (no vehicles) and attic of one story home; No injury; Fire cause/loss to be determined; FS 107; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; Dispatched Units: E107 RA107 E28 RA828 E296 T96 E287 T87 BC15 E70; CH: 9; 17; - Brian Humphrey
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KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 02/27/2018

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 7:35PM; 993 S Schumacher Dr; #Carthay; Address Remains Tentative; 41 FF's took 19 minutes to extinguish flames in a vacant one-story home; No injury; Cause/Loss to be determined; Dispatched LAFD Units: E58 RA58 RA858 E68 E292 T92 E229 T29 BC18 E41 E61 T61 E261 + Beverly Hills FD; - Brian Humphrey
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Structure Fire 02/27/2018

Structure Fire; 7:16PM; 993 S Schumacher Dr;; #Carthay; Address Tentative; 1 story vacant home with smoke and fire showing; FS 58; Batt 18; South Bureau; Council District 5; CH: 9; 14; - Brian Humphrey
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Update Cliff Rescue 02/27/2018

Update Cliff Rescue; 5:31PM; Point Fermin Park; 30 year-old male patient discovered conscious and alert seaside with various injuries at base of Point Fermin; Responders are seeking to clarify witness statement of a (long distance) fall (or jump?) from park area at top of rocky cliff; Plan A: Hoist the patient aboard a hovering LAFD helicopter and transport directly to a regional specialty hospital; LAPD Incident #4002; - Brian Humphrey
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Cliff Rescue 02/27/2018

Cliff Rescue; 4:50PM; Point Fermin Park;; San Pedro; PRELIM: LAFD land, air and sea response to one person seaside at base of Point Fermin after witnessed fall (or jump - unk distance) from park area above; No info yet on age/gender/condition/affiliation or circumstances; An LAFD Paramedic is now being lowered cliffside by ground crews to assess the patient; FS 48; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; Dispatched Units: E48 T48 E248 E101 RA101 BT1 RA90 EM13 BC6 T85 E285 E85 UR88 H3 H2 RA85 BT5; CH: 7; 14; - Brian Humphrey
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Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 02/27/2018

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 5:36AM; 771 E PICO BL; Downtown; Major emergency structure fire extinguished by 117 Firefighters in 47 minutes; 100' x 300' commercial building with heavy fire which drove firefighters off the roof and out of the building into a defensive operations using heavy water streams; Despite multiple exposed buildings the fire was held to the building of origin; One firefighter injured in fair condition transported to a local hospital; PIO on-scene; Fire Chief Terrazas is on-scene; Cause is under active investigation; Loss TBD; LAFD Inc #160; FS 10; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; E10 T10 E210 RA810 RA10 E9 T9 E209 SQ21 BC1 BC11 E14 E17 CM722 E211 T11 EM1 BC13 E3 UR3 HR3 RA803 T27 E227 UR88 BC5 T15 E215 T3 E203 CM22 RA809 EA1 E226 T26 E221 T21 AR1 E4 E11 RA9 RA209 EM11 EM13 PI2 CM21 PI1 AR12 AR11 ; Amy Bastman
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