Boat or Ship Fire 07/11/2020 INC#0689

Boat or Ship Fire; INC#0689; 01:25PM; Berth 74 Spd;; San Pedro; LAFD responded to a reported fuel fire on an approximately 25' pleasure craft. The fire was out upon arrival but crews are treating and transporting two adult males: 78yo in serious condition and 45yo in fair, both with burn injuries (no respiratory involvement). Any questions concerning the boat or the circumstances are referred to LA Port Police. The original 9-1-1 call received at 12:55PM. No further details.; FS 112; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; BC6 BT1 BT17 BT4 BT5 E101 E112 E248 E285 E48 E49 RA112 RA848 T48 T85; CH7; 13; Margaret Stewart