Brush Fire 07/24/2021 INC#0904

Brush Fire; INC#0904; 02:07PM; 501 W Solano Av;; Elysian Park; Approximately 1/4 acre of medium to heavy brush burning upslope at a slow rate of speed with no wind and no structures exposed. This is in an area of a previous burn. Air Ops are on hold while the firefighters are getting lines around the perimeter. ; FS 1; Batt 2; Central Bureau; Council District 1; AO1 AO2 BC1 BC2 E20 E203 E220 E290 E3 E4 E44 E9 EM1 H2 H3 H6 HA2 HA3 HA6 RA1 T20 T3 T90; CH5; 12; Margaret Stewart