CONTAINED Brush Fire 07/04/2021 INC#1636

CONTAINED Brush Fire; INC#1636; 09:44PM; 7800 W Santa Susana Pass Rd;; Chatsworth; LAFD and VCFD worked together to quickly extinguish the half-acre brush fire in approximately 30 minutes, on the border of Chatsworth and Simi Valley.; FS 96; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District outside city; AO1 AO2 BC10 BC15 BC17 BP8 CW3A CW3B E104 E105 E106 E107 E28 E287 E296 E72 E8 E87 EM9 H1 H3 H4 HA1 HA3 RA107 RA90 T87 T96; CH8; 18; Nicholas Prange