Containment - Brush Fire 09/22/2021 INC#1156

Containment - Brush Fire; INC#1156; 06:00PM; 22560 W Jeffrey Mark Ct;; Chatsworth; A ground and air response by 154 LAFD Firefighters (joined by LACoFD and VCFD in an Automatic Aid response to this Mutual Threat Zone near the three agencies common border) has stopped all forward progress of the fire that was fanned by light wind, holding the flames to less than nine (9) acres of light-to-medium brush near 'Chatsworth Park South' in the City of Los Angeles. Ground crews continue to work the perimeter of the fire, which is now fifty percent (50%) contained. Though as many as 100 homes were in the path of the fire, no structures were damaged and no evacuations were ordered. LAFD crews relentlessly pursued one vague report of a person in the wilderness who may have been in peril, but that person was not discovered, and no civilian or firefighter injuries have been reported. Fire crews will remain at the scene tonight to completely contain and cold trail the perimeter of the fire, and monitor for any flare-ups. The cause of the fire is under active investigation.; FS 96; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; AO1 BC10 BC15 BC17 CE84 CM42 E103 E104 E105 E107 E18 E20 E273 E290 E293 E296 E305 E39 E60 E70 E72 E73 E8 E83 E84 E87 E88 E90 E93 EM14 EM15 H2 H3 H5 HA2 HA3 HA5 HE1 HL1 PI3 RA104 RA72 RA96 T105 T73 T90 T93 T96 + LACoFD + VCFD; CH5; 17; Brian Humphrey