Gas Leak 02/17/2020 INC#0605

Gas Leak; INC#0605; 11:22AM; 3429 W Olympic Bl;; Koreatown; An extensive release of gas occured near a six-story modern residential structure. LAFD Hazardous Materials Task Force and LAFD Joint Hazard Assessment Team on scene. Approximately 25 occupants have been evacuated. Crews isolated the hazard area and denied entry while Gas Company crews were working to locate and mitigate the problem. Large LAFD presence in the area was precautionary with fire suppression group standing by. The leak has been stopped. No patients resulted from this incident. Units are being released. Nothing further; FS 29; Batt 11; Central Bureau; Council District 4; BC11 BC18 CM722 E21 E211 E221 E226 E229 E26 E29 E52 EM11 EM9 JT1 RA26 RA29 RA52 SQ21 T11 T21 T26 T29; CH7; 12 15; -Nicholas Prange