Helicopter Incident 09/15/2018 INC#0706

Helicopter Incident; INC#0706; 12:33PM; Knollwood Golf Course; http://bit.ly/2xdainJ; Granada Hills; PRELIM: Civilian helicopter made hard landing on the Knollwood Golf Course; No fire; All occupants (unk number or affiliation) exited aircraft prior to LAFD arrival; No injury; Media inquiries: FAA / NTSB; FS 18; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; Dispatched LAFD Units: RA18 E75 RA75 E287 T87 E18 E28 HR3 EM15 BC15 UR88 T75 E275 ; Radio Channels: 8; 17; - Brian Humphrey