Knockdown 08/11/2019 INC#1060

Knockdown Structure Fire; INC#1060; 5:30PM; 18310 W Oxnard St;; Tarzana; Address remains tentative; Thanks to an activated fire sprinkler, the first arriving 25 LAFD firefighters were able to confine flames within one westernmost unit (unk tenant) in a row of 1 story businesses, fully extinguishing the blaze in just 16 minutes; No injury; Fire cause/monetary loss to be determined; FS 93; Batt 17; Valley Bureau; Council District 3; Dispatched LAFD Units: BC10 BC14 BC15 BC17 CM42 E100 E260 E273 E289 E290 E293 E39 E73 E83 E88 E89 E93 EM14 EM15 EM17 HR3 RA100 RA73 RA83 RA889 RA89 RA93 T60 T73 T89 T90 T93 UR88 UR89; - Brian Humphrey