Knockdown - #LongBeachFire Major Emergency Structure Fire 11/20/2022 INC#0159

Knockdown - #LongBeachFire Major Emergency Structure Fire; INC#0159; 03:57AM; 1456 S Long Beach Av;; #Downtown; 106 LAFD Firefighters took less than 90 minutes in well-coordinated defensive operations to access, confine and extinguish a fully involved 100' x 100' one-story commercial building, the scene of a previous fire, as well as flames that extended to involve combustible contents at an adjacent pallet yard. LAFD crews were able to prevent fire from damaging two nearby commercial structures. One Firefighter sustained a non-life threatening burn injury at the height of the battle, and has been taken to an area hospital in fair condition. No other injuries reported. The cause of the fire is under active investigation. ; FS 17; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; AR1 BC1 BC11 BC5 CM20 CM22 E10 E11 E14 E17 E201 E202 E203 E205 E209 E21 E210 E211 E212 E25 E3 E4 E9 EA1 EM1 HE2 HR3 RA17 RA209 RA3 RA801 RA9 RS3 T1 T10 T11 T12 T2 T3 T5 T9 UR3 UR88; CH7; 14 15; Brian Humphrey