KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 05/07/2022 INC#0542

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; INC#0542; 10:26AM; 948 S Bernal Av;; #BoyleHeights; Firefighters found a 1,144 sq-ft one-story craftsman-style home (built in 1912) with fire coming from the attic. Firefighters entered the structure to gather belongings and cover them, in anticipation of the water to be deployed above in the attic space. Crews ascended ladders to the roof and coordinated with companies below for timely rooftop ventilation. It took 36 firefighters 25 minutes to extinguish the flames, containing the damage to the structure of origin. No reported injuries. Cause under investigation.; FS 25; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; BC1 E2 E202 E210 E25 E47 EA1 RA17 RA25 T10 T2 T9; CH9; 13 14; Nicholas Prange