KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 11/10/2017

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 3:42AM; 12039 Branford St; Pacoima; 87 FF's took 37 minutes via a well-coordinated largely defensive (exterior) firefighting operation to extinguish flames within 75' x 25' (single unk type business?) with no extension to adjoining firms in what initially appeared to be a much larger building; No injury; Extended on-site operations anticipated for fire overhaul; The cause of the fire is under active investigation; loss and business name/type to be determined; Dispatched Units: E298 E98 T98 E77 RA77 E24 RA7 E289 T89 BC12 BC10 RA898 RA77 T39 E239 E60 E7 RA7 E275 T75 CM42 EM15 EM14 BC15 E89 UR89 RA89 RA889 T88 E288 UR88 HR3 BC14; - Brian Humphrey