Multi Patient Incident 03/08/2018

Multi Patient Incident; 5:46PM; 920 S Hobart Bl;; #Koreatown; PRELIM: One person dead, and at least three others ill at 26,600 square-foot, 4 story center hallway style apartment building, where another person was reportedly found dead in recent days (details pending); LAFD Hazmat experts are on scene and join other LAFD personnel in using sophisticated handheld sensing equipment to search and survey all 48 apartment units in the 90 year-old building; No additional patients have been discovered; While Carbon Monoxide is suspected today, the search and site evaluation is still in progress; The specific cause of the reported death days earlier is currently unknown to the LAFD; FS 29; Batt 11; Central Bureau; Council District 4; Dispatched LAFD Units: E29 SQ21 RA29 E10 E21 T21 E221 EM1 BC11 T29 E229 RA52 RA10 RA82; CH: 7; 12; - Brian Humphrey