Structure Fire 05/12/2019 INC#0032

Structure Fire; INC#0032; 12:53AM; 8368 N Sausalito Av;; West Hills; FIRE NOW OUT: 1 story, single family dwelling with smoke showing on arrival of first fire company;Fire was located inside at the back of the house and it extended to the patio;39 firefighters extinguished the fire in 20 mins;No injuries reported;Cause and $ loss TBD;911 call received at 12:33AM; FS 106; Batt 17; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; BC17 E105 E106 E273 E296 E305 E72 EM17 RA106 RA72 RA872 T105 T73 T96; CH9; 17; Margaret Stewart