Structure Fire 08/13/2019 INC#1453

Structure Fire; INC#1453; 8:03PM; 8867 N Moorcroft Av;; West Hills; 42 firefighters knocked down flames in the garage of a one-story single-family home in 26 minutes. A gas line had caught fire in the garage. Firefighters shut off the utilities to eliminate the hazard, while finishing the fire attack. One patient was assessed and treated for a minor laceration. No other injuries. Unknown cause/loss; FS 96; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; BC12 BC15 BC17 E104 E106 E273 E296 E305 EM15 RA106 RA896 RA96 T105 T73 T96; CH9; 18; - Nicholas Prange