Structure Fire 12/30/2015

Structure Fire; 5:41AM; 128 S Av 54;; Highland Park / Arroyo Seco; 2 story wood frame, balloon construction home with fire showing on LAFD arrival. 2nd floor structural integrity compromised so now in defensive mode. Bulk of fire knockdown, working on stubborn areas. 1 adult male, approx 65yo, transported in fair condition. No other injuries reported. ; FS 12; Batt 2; Central Bureau; Council District 1; AR1 BC1 BC2 CM21 CM22 E11 E12 E201 E202 E212 E3 E55 EM1 RA12 RA47 RA55 T1 T12 T2 ; CH9; 12,13; Margaret Stewart