Update Agency Assist 10/19/2017

Update Agency Assist; 1:20PM; 14445 OLIVE VIEW DR ; Sylmar; LAFD has cleared the incident located at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center where resources assisted with the medical needs of both existing hospital patients as well as those with medical needs after the evacuation; LAFD working in conjunction with LACoFD transported 11 total patients to local hospitals with 4 of those by LAFD ambulance; No further information; LAPD Inc #1643; LAFD Inc #483; FS 91; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; E91 RA91 BC12 TM7 FR9 EM12 RA75 EM14 RA7 RA81 CM42 HU114 MD1 RA7 EM15 RA98 ; Amy Bastman