Update Aircraft Incident #LAXcollision - 05/20/2017

Update #LAXcollision - Aircraft Incident; 03:57PM; Los Angeles International Airport - Taxiway near Runway 25R; internal:/; Aeromexico Flight #642 (Mexico City to LAX), a Boeing 737 collided with a large airport utility/supply truck (aka 'provisioning vehicle') with 8 employees aboard, shortly after landing, causing that truck to overturn near a taxiway; Damage to aircraft right wing, but no fuel spill and no fire; FINAL: 8 patients (6M, 2F) total -- all from the truck -- sustained what are now described as non-life threatening injuries; The two females are more seriously injured, while the males have lesser injuries; Their medical *conditions* or nature of their injuries were not specified; This update corrects and confirms that none was or is now considered in critical condition; There were no injuries to the approximately 146 (pax + crew) aboard the aircraft; Media Inquiries: LAX Operations and NTSB; Dispatched Units: AF1 AF5 E51 RA51 E295 T95 RA95 BC4 RA864 RA894 E5 RA5 RA867 RA43 RA858 EM11 CM22 BC9; - Brian Humphrey