Update Brush Fire 06/12/2018

Update Brush Fire; 6:17PM; 9808 W Portola Dr; West Los Angeles; #PortolaFire 6pm Update: No change to acreage or containment (35-40 acres, 10%) ALL evacuation orders will be lifted at 8PM and all residents can re-house at that time. Mulholland Dr anticipated to be re-opened at 8PM. Over 250 LAFD firefighters assigned, we do not anticipate the fire to grow beyond our stated containment objectives, approximately 86 homes were affected by the evacuation orders. Cause of the fire determined to be a weed wacker being used for brush clearance in the 9800 block of Portola Dr. This serves as a strong reminder to residents to only use licensed contractors who follow the safety requirements to include no metal blades and extinguishing agent at hand. The exhaust manifolds can get very hot and is the likely cause of the fire. One LACountyFD firefighter 39M transported for non-trauma medical complaint. Next updated planned for approximately 7PM. No Further Details; FS 99; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; Margaret Stewart