Update Brush Fire 11/08/2019 INC#1510

Update Brush Fire; INC#1510; 8:30PM; 8194 W Lookout Mountain Av; http://bit.ly/2NVkCbz; Hollywood Hills West; Once firefighters were able to make their way to the fire with hand lines, it was determined to be a large rubbish fire and no brush involved. Two engines will handle and other resources being released. No injuries reported. No further details; FS 97; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; BC14 BC5 E108 E227 E27 E278 E290 E41 E58 E76 E97 EM14 H1 H4 H5 HA1 HA4 HA5 RA97 T27 T78 T90; CH5; 12; Margaret Stewart