Update Explosion 04/15/2019 INC#0505

Update Explosion; INC#0505; 10:28AM; 661 N Harbor Bl; http://bit.ly/2UCVPzw; San Pedro; Address remains tentative; No injuries, including person (adult male driver of truck?) earlier evaluated by LAFD Paramedics; Fire following explosion that involved one big rig with enclosed trailer vehicle (cargo = vehicles?) has been extinguished; No evacuation; LAFD personnel examining one nearby apartment building (address pending) that has four apartments with broken windows, but no reported injury; FS 112; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; Dispatched LAFD Units: E112 E248 RA112 E48 T48 E40 E285 T85 RA85 BC6 BC11 E101 BC13 PI2 SQ21 ; Radio Channels: 9; 12; - Brian Humphrey