Update Fire 11/20/2017

Update Fire; 12:57PM; 2734 S Westwood Bl; #RANCHOPARK Deceased person in RV identified as 46M who lives in RV with his wife and two dogs. The dogs were still in the RV when they returned and found it on fire. The male re-entered the RV in an attempt to rescue the dogs and did not make it out alive. Cause is still under investigation. Mayor Crisis Response Team and Red Cross providing assistance to the surviving wife. The LAFD also providing a S.A.V.E. card (details on program http://www.cafirefoundation.org/programs/supplying-aid-to-victims-of-emergency/). This serves as a stark reminder to GET OUT AND STAY OUT of a fire. Never re-enter a fire because you may very well not make it out. Please call 911 and remain outside the structure/vehicle. ; FS 92; Batt 18; South Bureau; Council District 5; Margaret Stewart