Update Hazardous Materials 01/20/2019 INC#0324

Update Hazardous Materials; INC#0324; 11:05AM; 110 Ucla; http://bit.ly/2DnJnt5; Westwood; This incident is now closing;LAFD HazMat Squad made entry into the area of concern (hallway on 4th floor) and ensured no life hazard existed;The materials in question are non-infectious and will be cleaned up by UCLA staff;Three people had been evacuated from the building out of an abundance of caution and no injuries were reported;LAFD resources will be released once all equipment is recovered;ANY further questions on this incident = UCLA; FS 37; Batt 9; West Bureau; Council District 5; BC9 E237 E295 E37 E71 E94 E95 EM9 PI1 RA37 RA837 RA95 SQ21 SQ95 T37 T95; CH7; 17; Margaret Stewart