Update Investigation 12/22/2017

Update Investigation; 8:38PM; 946 S Bonnie Brae St X W Olympic Bl; Westlake / MacArthur Park; Update: Additional information gathered from resources on scene advising the 3 Story Motel suffered damage from what is described as a possible explosion (still unknown cause). The damaged was confined to the 3rd (top) floor area that meets the roof on the "BRAVO" side. LAFD US&R on scene and attempting to shore the affected area. 1 Male Pt being evaluated by LAFD Paramedics for what appears to be minor burns and will be transported to an area hospital for further treatment. LAPD is continuing with the investigation. Any further details can be ascertained by contacting LAPD. NFD; FS 11; Batt 11; Central Bureau; Council District 1; E211 T11 AR1 UR88 BC11 JT3 RA11; CH7; TAC1; Tony Handy