Update Major Emergency Structure Fire 09/09/2019 INC#0008

Update Major Emergency Structure Fire; INC#0008; 1:00AM; 1915 E 7th St; http://bit.ly/2ZLKteN; Downtown; The fire is now categorized as a Major Emergency, with 134 Los Angeles Firefighters assigned. The firefight continues in a defensive posture with all operations outside the burning building, which has become structurally unsound. One firefighter is now being medically evaluated at scene for exertion, no other injuries reported. LAFD Public Information Officer Capt Erik Scott is en route, ETA 1:20 AM. All media are asked to meet him at the intersection of 7th & Mateo.; FS 17; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; Radio Channels: 9; 12, 13; - Brian Humphrey