Update Major Emergency Structure Fire #CanogaFire - 10/19/2021 INC#0791

Update #CanogaFire - Major Emergency Structure Fire; INC#0791; 10:30AM; 8423 and 8425 N Canoga Av; https://bit.ly/2Z1ONaz; Canoga Park; LAFD Firefighters, who remained active through the night with a robotic firefighting vehicle and heavy equipment at the scene of yesterday's major emergency fire, were able to secure sections of the structurally compromised building, and at daylight resumed their systematic search of the largely destroyed premises. During this methodical search among tons of burnt debris inside the structure, they discovered adult human remains. Word also arrived that a 28 year-old male who was in critical condition yesterday with severe burn injury, later succumbed at the hospital. The other injured men, one in critical, and the other in serious condition, remain hospitalized for treatment of their severe burn injuries. The men's affiliation with the premises has not been confirmed, nor has the full name of the business(es) involved. No other injuries have been reported. While evidence of hashish was discovered within the destroyed building, the specific nature and legality of operations there remains the focus - per protocol - of a joint investigation by LAFD, LAPD and L.A. Impact (Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force) officials. ; FS 104; Batt 17; Valley Bureau; Council District outside city; Dispatched LAFD Units: AR1 AR12 AR15 AR21 BC10 BC12 BC15 BC17 BC5 CE83 CM41 CM42 E100 E103 E104 E105 E106 E107 E18 E227 E250 E273 E275 E278 E28 E288 E290 E293 E296 E298 E305 E72 E73 E8 E83 E84 E87 E88 E93 EA1 EM12 EM15 EM17 EM18 HE1 HL7 HR3 JT2 JT3 LD1 LD2 PI1 PI2 RA105 RA106 RA72 RA73 RA84 RA896 RA93 RA96 RM2 RM3 RS3 SQ21 SQ87 T105 T27 T50 T73 T75 T78 T87 T88 T90 T93 T96 T98 UA1 UR27 UR88; CH8; 12 13 17 18; Brian Humphrey