Update Modified River Rescue 07/11/2019 INC#1329

Update Modified River Rescue; INC#1329; 7:19PM; 43 Pacoima Wash; http://bit.ly/2xLmKLq; Pacoima; The rider of the motorcycle exited the wash prior to LAFD arrival and has been located on the ground;Paramedics are enroute to his location for an assessment to determine if hospital transport is desired/required;Any further questions = LAPD Inc#5437; FS 98; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC12 CM42 E275 E298 E481 E7 E75 E76 E91 E98 H2 H4 HA2 HA4 RA898 RA91 SW44 SW88 T75 T98 UR88; CH8; 12; Margaret Stewart