Update Mudslide 01/30/2017

Update Mudslide; 7:00PM; 8100 W LAUREL VIEW DR; #HollywoodHills; The landslide directly affected 3 homes: A large backyard of 1 home on Hillside Ave slid downhill and across the street of Laurel View Dr into the front yard of 2 homes, and did not enter the houses. The slide took out power lines and at least 1 vehicle was buried. Approximately 50 firefighters from the ground and air quickly responded. Residents of 1 home called 911 and stated they were unable to get out, firefighters brought them to safety. No one was injured. A total of 5 homes were evacuated as a precaution. Power is out in the area. City Departments are assisting: Building and Safety to ensure structural integrity and their Grading and Geologist Divisions, So Cal Gas, and DWP. This is a static incident, however firefighters will remain on-scene through the night to ensure safety. LAFD PIO's available at Laurel View Dr, NFD ; FS 41; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 4; Erik Scott