Update Structure Fire 01/10/2019 INC#1419

Update Structure Fire; INC#1419; 8:04PM; 10575 W Tuxford St; http://bit.ly/2RCmXMH; Shadow Hills; KNOCKDOWN: 48FF in 39 mins;Firefighters quickly handled fire located on 1st and 2nd floors but had to battle a stubborn attic fire to achieve full knockdown;No injuries reported;LAFD Arson enroute for the cause investigation;; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; AR1 BC12 E24 E287 E289 E298 E77 E87 E89 E98 RA77 RA889 RA89 T87 T89 T98; CH9; 17; Margaret Stewart