Update Structure Fire 03/19/2020 INC#1354

Update Structure Fire; INC#1354; 9:37PM; 5441 N Yarmouth Av; https://bit.ly/33wxFYx; Encino; KNOCKDOWN: 97 firefighters extinguished the fire in 56 minutes. This was a difficult fire because it originated in the walls of two story apartment unit with common attic. The fire ran up (within) the wall to the attic and started spreading horizontally. Firefighters aggressively conducted strip ventilation to stop the fire from progressing and defend the rest of the building. Initial reports of three units sustaining the most damage. No occupants were inside the structure and no injuries reported. No further details; FS 83; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 5; BC10 BC14 BC15 BC17 CM42 E100 E105 E239 E27 E273 E288 E289 E293 E73 E83 E88 E93 EM10 EM17 HR3 RA100 RA83 RA889 RA93 T39 T73 T88 T89 T93 UR88 UR89; CH9; 12 13; Margaret Stewart