Update Structure Fire 04/15/2019 INC#0180

Update Structure Fire; INC#0180; 4:55AM; 13803 W Califa St; http://bit.ly/2ImFCHU; Valley Glen; KNOCKDOWN by 28 FFs in 21 minutes;Fire appears to have originated in the garage and extended into the structure, affected multiple rooms;While no injuries reported, firefighters have not yet located the occupants to determine how many people will be displaced, Red Cross notified to assist them when needed;DWP notified for downed wires on the side of the structure;Cause and $ loss TBD;No Further Details; FS 39; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 2; BC10 E102 E239 E289 E39 EM14 RA102 RA39 RA881 T39 T89; CH9; 17; Margaret Stewart