Update Structure Fire 07/05/2019 INC#1259

Update Structure Fire; INC#1259; 6:30PM; 5971 N Topeka Dr; http://bit.ly/2Xv63Da; Tarzana; A veteran crew of LAFD Firefighter/Paramedics were relentless in their resuscitation efforts with the large unresponsive dog they pulled from the smoke-charged home; Their skilled efforts proved fruitful, and the now-conscious and spontaneously breathing pet has been taken by the family to a nearby veterinary emergency center, where it has a fighting chance of survival. We're pleased to say no humans were injured in the fire of electrical origin, which originated near the family's large indoor aquarium; Sadly, none of the fish survived; Monetary loss from the fire is still being tabulated; FS 93; Batt 17; Valley Bureau; Council District 3; - Brian Humphrey