Update Structure Fire 07/12/2018

Update Structure Fire; 9:51PM; 19328 W LONDELIUS ST; Northridge; *Updated address* Firefighters continue to extinguish a 300' x 300' (updated size) one-story commercial building using defensive operations and heavy streams of water; 102 Firefighters remain on-scene of the blaze; Three businesses inside the building including a furniture-type warehouse on one side, printing business in the middle, and another unidentified business; Initial reports of a large pallet fire behind the furniture warehouse business with flames spreading into the side and center businesses; As the flames intensified and began burning through the roof of the printing business, firefighters transitioned from a coordinated fire attack with vertical ventilation to defensive operations; Two employees were reportedly inside the building when the fire began but exited the building prior to assistance without injury; No further information; LAFD Inc #1631; FS 104; Batt 17; Valley Bureau; Council District 3; CH: 9; 17, 18; Amy Bastman