Update Structure Fire 11/15/2017

Update Structure Fire; 12:39PM; 1807 E M St; Wilmington; Firefighters are making progress on the fire. The exposed single family dwelling is protected and no longer threatened. There are canisters in the yard (unknown contents) and auto tires causing small explosions which firefighters are working around. Heavy streams initially used but now transitioning to hand lines and crews working their way through the large (approx 550' x 300') salvage yard. Incident is at a Greater Alarm status (full list of assigned units below) PIO enroute to command post at Alameda x M St. No injuries reported. ; FS 38; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; BC1 BC13 BC4 BC6 CM22 CM32 E112 E15 E17 E205 E233 E248 E285 E36 E38 E48 E49 E5 E85 EM13 EM6 HR3 RA17 RA5 RA838 RA85 T33 T48 T5 T85 UR5 UR88 ; Margaret Stewart