Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 06/29/2020 INC#0579

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; INC#0579; 12:03PM; 9209 S Western Ave; Gramercy Park; CORRECTED ADDRESS; Firefighters engaged in an aggressive fire attack with coordinated vertical ventilation. There were wires down and reports of nearby propane tanks being heated enough to off-gas. While avoiding the hazards, firefighters skillfully protected the adjacent structures. It took 32 firefighters 20 minutes to extinguish the flames. One female patient was found in respiratory distress. Firefighter-paramedics provided her with a medical assessment (hospital transport decision still pending). The cause of the fire is under investigation; FS 57; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 8; BC13 CM32 E233 E264 E266 E57 RA264 RA833 T33 T64 T66; CH9; 12; -Nicholas Prange