Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 07/12/2018

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 11:31PM; 19328 W LONDELIUS ST; Northridge; Firefighters extinguished the Major Emergency blaze with 102 LAFD Firefighters in 1 hour and 40 minutes; Three businesses are located inside the 300' x 300' building including a furniture-type warehouse on one side, printing business in the middle, and another unidentified business on the opposite side; Initial reports of a large pallet fire behind the furniture warehouse business with flames spreading into the furniture and then printing business; As the flames intensified and began burning through the roof of the printing business, firefighters transitioned from a coordinated fire attack with vertical ventilation to defensive operations; Two employees were reportedly inside the building when the fire began but exited the building prior to assistance without injury; No reported injuries; Cause is under active investigation; Crews will remain on-scene throughout the night; PIO on-scene; LAFD Inc #1631; FS 104; Batt 17; Valley Bureau; Council District 3; E104 RA104 E103 E70 RA70 E273 T73 E296 T96 BC15 BC17 E107 E293 T93 CM42 EM15 BC10 E73 E287 T87 E88 UR88 E8 E28 E72 E290 T90 E305 T105 AR2 T88 E288 RA73 RA107 EM17 CL1 T88 E288 BC12 BC14 E239 T39 E98 PI3 ; Amy Bastman