Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 08/13/2019 INC#0614

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; INC#0614; 11:17AM; 1032 S Alvarado St; http://bit.ly/2Z07rOq; Pico-Union; 42 FF in 31 min. Firefighters encountered a fully involved 2-story structure in the back of a residential property. Initially, firefighters used defensive tactics and fought the fire from the exterior. Once it had been tamed from outside, firefighters entered the structure to complete the extinguishing operations. No reported injuries. Cause/loss TBD; FS 11; Batt 11; Central Bureau; Council District 1; BC11 BC18 CM22 E11 E13 E210 E211 E220 E26 RA15 RA811 RA815 SQ21 T10 T11 T20; CH9; 12; - Nicholas Prange