Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 10/14/2017

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 8:58PM; 1621 S SOTO ST; Boyle Heights; *Corrected Address* One story commercial 300'x400' with heavy fire caused flames to stretch through the roof and structural compromise forced defensive operations; Exposures took heavy heat and fire that crews were able to stop from continuing to spread; 130 FF's extinguished the Major Emergency blaze in 2 hours 15 minutes with no reported injuries to firefighters or civilians; Traffic stopped on Soto St between Washington Blvd and Olympic Blvd; Vernon Fire crews assisting; LAPD Inc# 4264; ; FS 17; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; E17 RA17 E25 E202 T2 E9 RA209 E210 T10 BC1 BC11 E4 CM22 E221 T21 EM1 BC13 E2 E203 T3 E211 T11 EM13 UR3 HR3 E27 UR88 BC5 RA10 RA11 EA1 E35 T35 E235 E26 E201 T1 SU3 HU59 RA25 RA1 AR1 E12 E63 E226 T26 T33 PI2 ; Amy Bastman