Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 12/06/2018 INC#1538

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; INC#1538; 7:39PM; 232 W 24th St; http://bit.ly/2RL59Mg; Historic South-Central; *Updated Address* 80 Firefighters extinguished the flames inside the attic and main portion of a one-story commercial building in just 40 minutes; Possible illegal marijuana grow operation; No reported injuries; Cause/ Loss TBD; FS 10; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 9; BC1 BC11 BC13 BC18 BC5 CM22 E10 E14 E15 E203 E210 E211 E215 E27 E3 EM1 EM11 HR3 RA10 RA3 RA803 RA810 SQ21 T10 T11 T15 T3 T9 UR3 UR88; CH9; 12 13 14; Amy Bastman