Update Traffic Collision Patient Transport 12/02/2017

Update Patient Transport Traffic Collision; 9:26AM; 13730 W VAN NUYS BL; Arleta; Multi-vehicle traffic collision with 7 patients including 1 patient (unknown age/ gender) in critical condition transported to a local hospital; Incident included no structural damage; Street light down with DWP notified; For additional information regarding patient age/ gender/ condition, contact LAPD PIO; LAFD Inc #468; LAPD Inc #1542; FS 98; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; E98 T98 E298 RA98 RA874 RA7 EM15 BC12 RA81 RA90 EM14 EM17 CM42 UR88 ; Amy Bastman