Update Trapped Vehicle 02/19/2021 INC#0601

Update Trapped Vehicle; INC#0601; 12:25PM; 2500 S Navy Wy; https://bit.ly/3dtz35b; San Pedro; One patient is sadly beyond medical help and determined deceased on scene (occupant of plane - age/gender unknown at this time) A second patient is being transported in *at least* serious condition (from the involved vehicle - age/gender unknown at this time). The small amount of fuel (exact quantity unknown) on the ground by the plane has been secured from further spread by firefighters. LAFD PIO Firefighter David Ortiz is enroute to the scene to assist with fire-related media inquiries. The NTSB is notified of the incident and any questions regarding the plane, origin, occupant, etc are referred to their agency for the investigation. No further details.; FS 111; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; BC6 BT1 BT17 BT4 BT5 CM31 CM32 E112 E238 E36 E40 EM6 HR3 JT4 PI2 RA112 RA36 T38; CH7; 13; Margaret Stewart