Update Investigation FINAL 09/19/2016

Update FINAL Investigation; 3:15PM; 11668 Sherman Wy; North Hollywood; Situation determined stable; No specific hazard identified; Correction: Only 1 worker (building engineer?) examined and released at scene; Control of site returned to lab operator and (pursuant of protocol) LA County Health HazMat; NFD; Dispatched Units: E89 RA89 RA878 T75 E275 T87 E287 SQ87 E95 EM12 BC14 E86 RA875 EM14 RA87 UR88 T48 E248 E48 SQ48 RA848 RA102 SQ21 T87 E287 E260 T60 HU89 BC17 CM42; Brian Humphrey
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Update Investigation 09/19/2016

Update Investigation; 1:40PM; 11668 Sherman Wy; North Hollywood; Release of Halon fire extinguishing agent INSIDE storage building containing chemicals, apparently triggered by increased ambient temperature (above 95°F) within storage facility affiliated with nearby medical lab; No fire; No stored chemical release; No evacuation; No off-site or escalating hazard currently identified; 2 workers with brief respiratory irritation, have been examined and released at scene; LAFD HazMat experts have entered building to assure the stored products remain stable; PIO Capt Daniel Curry en route; NFD; Brian Humphrey
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Investigation 09/19/2016

Investigation; 12:00PM; 11668 Sherman Wy;; North Hollywood; PRELIM: Apparent release of (Halon?) fire extinguishing agent outside storage facility (unk contents or circumstances) near medical lab; No active fire; No evacuation; No on-site or escalating hazard presently identified; 2 workers (admin and security?) had brief respiratory irritation, and are being evaluated; NFD (No Further Details); FS 89; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 2; CH: 8; 18; Brian Humphrey
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KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 09/19/2016

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 11:12AM; 8434 Hazeltine Av; Panorama City; 38 FF's took 16 min; Confined to rear and attic of 1,014 sq ft, 1 story home built 1949; One adult elder F resident still being assessed for acute malaise, not injury; Though resident states fire started in or near clothes dryer on rear porch, the specific cause remains under investigation; Loss TBD; NFD; Dispatched Units: E7 E290 T90 RA90 RA890 E239 E39 T39 BC12 E98 E298 T98 RA39; Brian Humphrey
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Update Structure Fire 09/19/2016

Update Structure Fire; 11:04AM; 8434 Hazeltine Av; Panorama City; 38 FF's assigned with fire now in attic; Firefight continues, awaiting details on 1 civilian injury; NFD; Brian Humphrey
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Structure Fire 09/19/2016

Structure Fire; 10:47AM; 8434 Hazeltine Av;; Panorama City; 1 story home with fire to rear; 1 civilian injury being evaluated; NFD; FS 7; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; CH: 9; 17; Brian Humphrey
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Agency Assist 09/18/2016

Agency Assist; 5:40PM; #CanyonFire Vanderburg AFB ;; #CanyoneFire #VanderburgAFB LAFD Strike Team ST1880 comprised of four Type III Wildland EnginesOES Engines and a Battalion Chief (E8137 E8136 E8139 E8140 BC710) deployed to support operations at the Canyon Fire in Lompoc, CA (Vanderburg AFB). At last report, the fire is at 500 acres and growing. “The fire continues to burn in heavy fuel, heavy brush, burning in a north-northwesterly direction,” Santa Barbara County Fire Capt. Dave Zaniboni. Crews are facing high temperatures, extremely dry vegetation and an expected increase in winds. ; E8137 E8136 E8139 E8140 BC710; Margaret Stewart
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Update Media Advisory 09/18/2016

Update Media Advisory; 5:32PM; W Coliseum Drive; South Los Angeles; Final Patient Count for Rams Medical Command: LAFD responded to 48 incidents and transported 11 patients. 6 additional patients declined transport. AMR (American Medical Response) responded to approximately 110 incidents and transported at least 3 patients. Most transports were due to heat related illnesses and none were critical. LAFD used a total of 10 additional ambulances and 1 Engine due to higher than anticipated call volume. NFD; FS 46; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; Margaret Stewart
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Update Structure Fire 09/18/2016

Update Structure Fire; 4:28PM; 8238 W Jayseel St; Tujunga / Sunland; KNOCKDOWN: 26FF in 19 mins. Firefighters faced excessive storage conditions in the residence, made their way through to extinguish the fire in the back of the house and a shed behind the structure (shed was fully involved). Due to conditions, an extensive overhaul will be required. Primary search was clear with no occupants located. First arriving units were told all occupants out. A secondary search is underway to confirm. No injuries reported. Spent bullet casings were found scattered at the structure and a popping sound was heard, indicating possible ammunition was 'cooking off' due to the fire. There was no impact on the firefighting operation.; FS 74; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart
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Structure Fire 09/18/2016

Structure Fire; 4:17PM; 8238 W Jayseel St;; Tujunga / Sunland; Single family dwelling with fire showing. Possible ammunition (bullets) setting off in the fire.; FS 74; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC12 E24 E274 E298 E77 RA74 RA874 T74 T98 ; CH9; 17; Margaret Stewart
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