Update Structure Fire 11/10/2016

Update Structure Fire; 5:36PM; 3327 Fithian Ave; El Sereno; No residents home at the time of the fire. Firefighters forced entry through the front security door. Intense heat was encountered making it difficult to progress to the 2nd floor. Additional firefighters were requested. The blaze appeared to have started on the first floor, ran up the wall to 2nd floor where 2 rooms were involved and a portion of the attic. The ceiling on the 1st floor was weakened due to flames and was nearing collapse in an area. KNOCKDOWN: 40 FF in 30 min. A primary and secondary search was completed to ensure no victims. Firefighters performed an abundance of salvage work on the 1st floor to protect and save the resident's belongings. Firefighters remain on-scene extinguishing hot spots in walls. DOT was requested to assist with traffic control. No injury, NFD; FS 47; Batt 2; Central Bureau; Council District 14; Erik Scott
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Structure Fire 11/10/2016

Structure Fire; 5:07PM; 3327 Fithian Ave;; El Sereno; 2-story home with fire showing from the 2nd floor; FS 47; Batt 2; Central Bureau; Council District 14; BC2 E12 E16 E201 E212 E47 RA12 RA47 T1 T12; 9; 13; Erik Scott
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Update Assist 11/09/2016

Update Assist; 8:45PM; 5600 block of Fulton Ave; #ValleyGlen; Now a static situation. LAFD resources beginning to make themselves available; FS 102; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; Erik Scott
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Assist 11/09/2016

Assist; 6:57PM; 5600 block of Fulton Ave;; #ValleyGlen; Approx 50 LAFD firefighters supporting local law enforcement, NFD; FS 102; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; BC10 BC14 BC722 CM42 E102 E239 E39 E60 EM14 EM17 RA39 RA60 RA78 RA81 RA860 RA878 T39 TL61 TM2 TM9; 8; 17; Erik Scott
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Traffic Collision 11/09/2016

Traffic Collision; 6:29AM; NB 5 Fwy x Glendale Fwy; Single vehicle rollover, fully involved in flames spreading to nearby grass. Firefighters quickly extinguished. 1 patient, being assessed, NFD. CHP Log# 530/531/558; FS 1; Batt 2; Central Bureau; Council District 1; BC2 E201 E44 E56 RA1 T1; 7; 12; Erik Scott
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Traffic Collision 11/08/2016

Traffic Collision; 5:28PM; EB 90 Fwy X Culver Bl; Auto vs motorcycle. 2 patients transported in critical condition. CHP Log 3023; FS 67; Batt 4; West Bureau; Council District 11; E67 RA63 E62 RA62 RA5 EM13 BC4; 4; Erik Scott
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Hiker in Distress 11/08/2016

Hiker in Distress; 3:15PM; 24486 Vanowen St;; West Hills; Near Cave of Munits trail. Ground and air response. Paramedic lowered from LAFD helicopter and assessed the patient, then hoisted the 60 y/o F into the helicopter and will transport to a local hospital in serious condition, NFD; FS 105; Batt 17; Valley Bureau; Council District 3; AO2 BC15 E104 E105 E305 H2 H6 RA105 RA90 RH114 T105; 8; 12; Erik Scott
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Update Rescue 11/06/2016

Update Rescue; 5:27PM; S Gaffey St; San Pedro; Point Fermin; Firefighters were strategically lowered 20' down the steep cliff by a rope system, secured the man and carefully raised to safety, where awaiting personnel from an ambulance assessed the uninjured patient who declined transport. LAFD boats were nearby with divers if needed and a helicopter assisted illuminating the scene for safety along with ensuring no other victims were in peril, NFD. LAPD Inc# 3580; FS 48; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; Erik Scott
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Rescue 11/06/2016

Rescue; 5:01PM; S Gaffey St;; San Pedro; Land Air and Sea response for a 25 y/o M 20' down a cliff, NFD; FS 48; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; AO2 BC6 BT1 BT2 BT3 E101 E248 E285 E48 E85 EM13 H2 H4 RA101 RA85 RH114 T48 T85 UR85 UR88; 7; 12; Erik Scott
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Media Advisory 11/06/2016

Media Advisory; 5:00PM; Los Angeles Rams Game; #SouthLA; Final score: Panthers 13, Rams 10. Attendance Estimate 76,921. LAFD Incidents: Total of 5 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) calls, one requiring transport. 1 Rubbish Fire. Private ambulance company: Total of 19 EMS calls, 3 requiring transport, NFD (No Further Details); FS 46; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; RI100 CS208 CS212 HL3 HL4 E46 MC2 CT1 CT2 EM13 RA846 E66 RA246 RA821 RA64 RA213 MC3 RA14 CT3 RA46 RA814; 7; 14; Erik Scott
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