Traffic Collision 12/12/2016

Traffic Collision; 12:30PM; 4729 S Hoover St;; South Los Angeles; Auto into two story building (apartments over commercial). No patients trapped. Extent of damage to building and condition of patient(s) unknown. LAFD downscaling resources required and Building & Safety notified to respond. ; FS 46; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; BC13 E21 E215 E221 E233 E266 E46 EM11 HR56 RA10 RA246 T15 T21 T33 T66 ; CH7; 12; Margaret Stewart
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Update Structure Fire 12/12/2016

Update Structure Fire; 9:41AM; 18030 W San Fernando Mission Bl; Granada Hills; KNOCKDOWN 36 FF in 15 mins. The fire extended to the attic and was quickly extinguished, preventing further damage and protecting the interior of the home. No injuries reported. LAFD Inc# 0419. The cause and $ loss TBD. NFD; FS 70; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; Margaret Stewart
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Structure Fire 12/12/2016

Structure Fire; 9:29AM; 18030 W San Fernando Mission Bl;; Granada Hills; Single family dwelling with heavy fire showing on exterior patio with possible extension to the attic and structure and adjacent tree. ; FS 70; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; BC15 E273 E275 E70 E8 E87 RA18 RA70 T73 T75 ; CH9; 17; Margaret Stewart
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Traffic Collision 12/11/2016

Traffic Collision; 11:05AM; 12900 W Oxnard St;; North Hollywood; One car TA with sheared hydrant causing water into the power lines above (FF have now shut down hydrant). Additionally, several (# unk) gas meters sheared (FF plugged meters until gas company arrival to repair) Unk if injuries to vehicle occupant(s) NFD LAFD Inc# 0569 LAPD Inc# 1900; FS 102; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; E102 E260 RA60 T60; CH8; Margaret Stewart
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Update Hiker in Distress 12/10/2016

Update Hiker in Distress; 12:06PM; 2601 N Westridge Rd; Brentwood; 43M with lower leg injury (mountain biking on a single track road) will be hoisted via airship and transported. LAFD Inc#0624 NFD; FS 19; Batt 9; West Bureau; Council District 11; Margaret Stewart
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Hiker in Distress 12/10/2016

Hiker in Distress; 11:40AM; 2601 N Westridge Rd;; Brentwood; Pt (cyclist on a single track) with reported lower extremity injury off Mandeville Fire Road. Patient located by airship, paramedic lowered to assess patient and determine best mode of transport.; FS 19; Batt 9; West Bureau; Council District 11; BC9 E19 E237 E37 H1 H3 RA19 RH114 T37; CH7; 17; Margaret Stewart
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Structure Fire 12/08/2016

Structure Fire; 11:47PM; 14660 W Arminta Street;; North Hollywood; One story commercial building with smoke showing/plating company. fire units on scene contained fire to the rear of building. firefighters exposed to multiple hazardous chemicals with no injuries. The cause of fire has not been determined at this time. The incident is still under investigation no further details.; FS 81; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; E81 RA881 RA81 E239 T39 E7 E90 T90 E290 BC10 BC12 E87 SQ87 E39 RA7 E89 T89 E289 CM42 EM14 EM17 BC14 T88 E288 UR88 E27 UR27 HR56 BC5 RA827 T87 E287 RA87 ; 8; 17,18; Ivan Covin
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Traffic Collision 12/08/2016

Traffic Collision; 4:20PM; 954 W Florence Ave;; South Los Angeles; Automobile rollover with 5 minor patients unknown age/gender. No further information regarding injuries.; FS 57; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 8; E57 E233 T33 E33 RA66 RA46 ; 4; 12; Ivan Covin
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Brush Fire 12/08/2016

Brush Fire; 2:48PM; 840 W Solana ave ;; Echo Park; 3/4 Acres of light brush contained with the fire units who arrived first on scene. All other resources were canceled. no patients/injuries. knockdown time 1500 hours. no further information.; FS 1; Batt 2; Central Bureau; Council District 1; E(4) T(4) RA(1) RA-800(0) E201 T1 E220 T20 BC1 E3 RA1 E203 T3 E44 E6 E209 E90 H0C H0B EM11 BC2 H1 H4 T15 H2 E215 ; 1448; 12; Ivan Covin
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Rescue 12/08/2016

Rescue; 12:38PM; 2133 W. FARGA ST;; Echo Park; pick up truck tetering on edge of roadway. vehicle was secured by fire units on scene. The patient was safely removed from the vehicle with no injuries.; FS 20; Batt 11; Central Bureau; Council District 13; E(2) T(2) RA(3) RA-800(0) E220 T20 E56 HR56 RA56 E250 T50 E6 RA82 EM1 BC11 RA20 EM11; 7; 12; Ivan Covin
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