Aggressive Action Saves Large Commercial Building

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Los Angeles

Aggressive firefighting stopped a well entrenched fire from consuming a large commercial structure in Boyle Heights.

At 5:04PM on January 17, 2017 the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire at 3701 E Union Pacific Av.  First arriving units encountered a large, 1000' x 3000', two story commercial building with smoke showing from the roof.  Upon entry, firefighters found the first floor clear of fire but heavy smoke on the second floor.  An aggressive interior fire attack was quickly put into place while the truck companies intiated roof ventilation operations.  Crews battled heavy fire in at least four office units and additional resources were requested, bumping this up to a Major Emergency structure fire.

The committed actions of over 140 firefighters, under the command of Assistant Bureau Commander Timothy Ernst, prevented this fire from spreading and destroying the building, achieving a knockdown in 49 minutes.  They also contained the fire to the second floor, protecting the stored goods in the first floor warehouse area.

No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is under investigation. 


Units Dispatched: E25 RA25 E17 E209 RA809 E210 T10 E221 T21 BC1 BC11 T9 E21 E233 T33 CM22 EM11 BC13 UR88 HR56 E5 UR5 T89 E289 BC4 RA14 E9 T5 E205 RA5 E26 AR1 E202 T2 E10 E27 E227 T27 E201 T1 RA47 RA6 EM13 EM9 BC2 BC18 BC14 SQ21 UR27 RM2 RM4 E4 PH1 EA1 E12 E2 E211 T11 E215 T15

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