Blaze Consumes Multiple Condos in Chatsworth

Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Firefighters make way into unit with heavy fire
Firefighters face down heavy fire in four condo units
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Greg Doyle
High winds hindered but did not stop firefighters from battling an intense structure fire in Chatsworth that ultimately damaged four condominiums and injured three.
At 4:54PM, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire at 22166 W James Alan Circle in Chatsworth.  Upon arrival, firefighters faced a 47 year-old, wood frame and stucco, two story condominium building (each unit averaging 1,300 square feet) fully involved with fire.
A common attic allowed the fire to blast through the structure while truck companies expertly executed a ‘strip ventilation’ operation.  This tactic involves using chainsaws / axes to cut out a long section of the roof that splits the building, allowing the fire to vent through the hole and helping prevent it from burning further through the attic.  Their quick actions combined with the aggressive interior fire attack coordinated across multiple units and companies stopped this fire from raging through the complex.
A partial collapse of the roof created an increased safety risk and Assistant Chief Patrick Butler directed the 122 firefighters into a defensive operation, ultimately achieving knockdown of the fire in 81 minutes.
Two firefighters were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  One civilian was evaluated on scene for possible smoke inhalation and declined transport.  The American Red Cross assisted four displaced families with their immediate needs.
The cause of the fire is accidental and attributed to a propane barbecue.
Dispatched units: E296  T96  RA96  E107  RA107  E105  E72  E273  T73  BC10  BC12  RA72  E8  RA104  E239  T39  CM42  EM9  EM11  BC5  E293  T93  E104  E305  T105  E103  EM14  E88  UR88  T27  E227  UR27  HR3  BC5  AR2  BC9  H6  E90  BC15  E89  E287  T87  EA1  RA106  EM1  RM2  CM51  PI1  RA909  HU114  T98  E298  E37  E39  T93  E61  T94  E294  T89  E289  T96  E296  
2nd picture credit:Creative Commons Licensed For Your Use: LAFD Photo | Erik Scott
3rd picture credit: Creative Commons Licensed For Your Use: LAFD Photo | Scott Kingsland
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