Fast Moving Fire Damages Three Floors of Brentwood High-Rise Office Building

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Los Angeles Fire Department was summoned at 6:30 A.M. on January 29, 2020 to 11601 Wilshire Blvd in Brentwood, where firefighters arrived quickly to discover that a construction wind-breaking material ignited and sparked fire through the lower floors of a high-rise office building.

Outside of 25-story building with parts of lower 3 floors broken windows and burned through.

A 26-story modern high-rise office building had remodeling taking place on the three lowermost floors. Exterior scaffolding supported a tent-like material outside of those lower three floors for weather protection. After catching fire, 35+ mph winds stoked the flames, pushing them through the bottom three floors. LAFD firefighters evacuated over fifty building occupants, while making an aggressive fire attack to the multi-floor blaze. Fortunately, fire sprinklers activated to slow the wind-fueled fire, allowing firefighters to keep it from spreading into the upper 23 floors. 

One adult male civilian sustained smoke exposure, and was taken to an area hospital for further evaluation. His condition was not specified. 

126 firefighters assigned had flames extinguished 40 minutes. No firefighters were injured. The fire's cause remains under active investigation. 

Dispatched LAFD Units: E37  T37  E237  RA837  RA37  E59  E292  T92  BC9  RA59  E19  RA19  E71  RA71  RA92  RA892  E62  E43  E63  T63  E263  E269  T69  E261  T61  E288  T88  CM42  E227  T27  E295  T95  EM9  EM18  EM14  EM4  BC18  BC4  BC11  BC14  BC2  E88  UR88  UR27  RA27  RA827  HR3  BC5  AR1  PI3  RT40  AR2  AR9  PH1  E9  

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