Final Roll Call for Search and Rescue K9 'Boogie'

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Any loss in the Los Angeles Fire Department family weighs heavy on the hearts of all members. Late Tuesday night, May 26, 2015, FEMA Search and Rescue K9 “Boogie” lost her life in a house fire at the home of her handler and owner, LAFD Firefighter/Paramedic Jason Chapman.

Boogie was as lively as her full name implies, ‘Sundown’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie.’ Even as a young puppy, she was full of the intense drive necessary to succeed in her quest to become a FEMA certified search and rescue dog.

It takes tremendous dedication to train a search dog and it is all voluntary. The money and time invested into the K9 comes from the firefighter themselves.Jason and Boogie posing for a photo

Jason and Boogie spent countless hours together on rubble piles across the country, honing their skills and developing into a finely tuned, professional team. The bond forged is truly unique and deeply personal.
In September 2008, FF/P Chapman and Boogie deployed with CA-TF1 to Texas in support of Hurricane Gustav. They also provided their expertise within the City of Los Angeles on several searches including a partial apartment building collapse and a suspected kidnapping.
Even though Boogie was over nine years old, her energy and enthusiasm showed no signs of slowing. As one of the most experienced K9s on the team, she also served as a ‘trainer’. New handlers worked with Boogie to develop critical skills before obtaining their own K9. Boogie was always ready for any chance to get out on the rubble pile.
K9 partners hold a very special place in our hearts. These amazing spirits give complete devotion to their handler and the work they perform. Boogie was one of the best. Our deepest sympathy goes to Firefighter/Paramedic Jason Chapman and his family for the loss of Boogie; partner and beloved family member. 
RIP Boogie. You will be dearly missed.

Jason and Boogie at work




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