Fire Chief Terrazas Comments on Los Angeles Buildings Overdue Fire Inspections

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Los Angeles

Fire Chief Ralph M. Terrazas made the following statements regarding overdue fire inspections for Los Angeles buildings:
Portrait of Chief Terrazas in uniform.
"The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) has been working hard for many months to address problems related to our backlog of fire inspections, outdated computer technology, staffing shortages and other long-term issues within the Fire Prevention Bureau."

"The inspectors assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau, and fire companies in the field, have worked hard to perform inspections despite staffing and funding challenges in the recent past."

"The Fire Prevention Bureau is working on a daily basis towards solving these issues through the ongoing restoration of Inspector positions, an overall Bureau re-organization, upgrading to the latest cloud-based technology and--through our FireStatLA process--greater oversight of inspection data."

"It's a long road, but we are confident that the challenges we have faced with our fire inspection backlog will be resolved in the most expeditious manner possible."

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