Firefighter Injured Battling Fire at Winnetka Strip Mall

Monday, November 14, 2016
One firefighter was injured early Monday, while battling a greater alarm fire at a west San Fernando Valley strip mall.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was summoned at 2:59 AM on November 14, 2016 to 20851 Sherman Way in Winnetka, where firefighters arrived quickly to find fire from the roof of a one story 4,452 square foot, four tenant commercial building on the northeast corner of Sherman Way and De Soto Avenue. 
One hundred and six firefighters under the command of Assistant Chief Andrew Fox confined the fire to the extensively damaged building of fire origin, extinguishing the flames in just 49 minutes. 
During the well coordinated assault on flames, one firefighter sustained a non-life threatening burn injury to his hand. He was taken by LAFD ambulance to an area hospital in fair condition. No other injuries were reported. 
The 61 year-old building was not equipped with optional fire sprinklers. 
Fire loss to Ladin's Liquor Delicatessen, Cash 4 Gold CP, Winnetka Check Cashing, and Raspados Y Churros Frutal is still being tabulated. The cause of the early morning fire remains under active investigation. 
Dispatched Units: E72 RA72 E104 RA104 E84 E305 T105 E273 T73 BC17 BC15 EM17 E105 E290 T90 E106 E296 T96 CM42 EM15 BC10 T88 E288 UR88 E89 UR89 RA89 RA889 HR56 BC14 RM2 E88 E293 T93 E39 EA1 RA84 EM14 AR2 
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